August Friends Meeting and Other News

The next regular meeting of the Friends of the Refuge Headwaters board will be Thursday, August 24 beginning at 4:15 p.m. at the Refuge office, 102 Walnut Street, Suite 205, Winona. The meetings are done by 5:30 and they are a great way to learn about, and be part of, upcoming events and activities. Click for the meeting agenda.

The next volunteer opportunity is Wednesday, September 20 for a fishing event at the Huff Street dock with Project COMPASS. The event will run from 5:00 – 6:15 p.m. Please RSVP to Stephanie Edeler ([email protected]) if you are available to help.

>It seems like summer just started but a reminder for all the canoe/kayakers out there, the waterfowl hunting season is just around the corner. Early seasons start September 1 in Wisconsin and September 2 in Minnesota. Do your best to avoid sunrise/sunset paddles in areas where hunters are likely to be, wear bright clothing, consider a tall flag on your vessel to make you easy to see, and give decoy spreads plenty of room. We also ask that everyone stay outside of the Area Closed signs (photo of signs attached) so waterfowl have a place to rest and feed undisturbed as they move through the area.

Most of you know that Mary Stefanski will be retiring August 31. We are fortunate to have Stephanie Edeler who many of you have met to keep the volunteer and Friends members up-to-date. We are equally fortunate to have Wendy Woyczik ([email protected]) who will be assuming the District Manager position upon Mary’s departure. Wendy is currently the Deputy District Manager at the McGregor District office and will bring a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspective to the Winona District. Please find an opportunity to engage with both Stephanie and Wendy in the near future, even by email or phone (507-454-7351) if not in person.

A message from Mary: “It has been my honor to have worked with you over the past years and experienced first-hand your dedication and passion to the people and natural resources of the Refuge. You each make a difference every day in the future of the river and the wildlife that call it home, continue the good work and enjoy each day.”