Spiders & Snakes & Rats – OH, MY

(A Humorous Account of over 40 Years of Nature Education)

Long time volunteer at both Trempealeau NWR and Upper Miss and retired teacher Scott Lee has written a new book. Many of our friends and volunteers may know Scott. Here’s what he says about Spiders & Snakes & Rats – OH, MY.

I’ve been writing down stories, mainly funny things related to experiences that I’ve had through the years while teaching (most are nature related).  With all the stay-at-home time with COVID, I finally got around to organizing them and putting them together into a book. I have also written nature articles for the Friends of the Refuge quarterly newsletter for the past 7 or 8 years so included those in the book as well.  It didn’t turn out too bad so I submitted it to Fulton Books (based in Pennsylvania) and they actually accepted it – an exciting surprise.  I’ve been working with them since last summer and it has finally gone to press.

This is not really a children’s book due to some of the detail in a few of the memories that I shared in the book (chapter titles include “Eat S- -t”, “Sex Education”, and “The ‘A’ Word”).  It is loaded with interesting facts about our natural world and would be a pretty good resource book for doing nature-related activities with kids of all ages – or if you’re just out by yourself.  I also feel that teachers could get some useable information/activities and ideas from it, as well as being able to identify with the many funny things that happen while teaching children.  I’m hoping you’d find it both educational and entertaining.

Spiders & Snakes & Rats – OH, MY is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The e-book will be available soon.