Swan Watch Self-Guided Tour Available

Because the Friends of the Refuge Headwaters annual swan watch bus tour will not be offered again in 2021, we have created a Swan Watch Self-Guided Tour to help you enjoy this tradition on your own. Peak migration is the second week of November. Click here to “take the tour.”

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  1. can you put me in touch with someone who knows the current migration situation. I like to bird the area from Harpers Ferry (red oak road) up to winona. I used to come around thanksgiving. Sometimes I found lots of swans and twice I found almost none (they had gone). If I come up next week (Nov. 16 or so) what are the chances if finding lots of swans? I want to bring a new birder and show him lots of swans in all of theeir glory. I live near Des Moines Iowa so it is a bit of a trip to get there.

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